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Progression & Perseverance

After joining my wonderful pole family in November 2016, it became apparent as to what strength (or lack of it) I had.

I can just remember watching all the lovely ladies busting out their amazing inverts, tricks and spins thinking "I wish I could do that".

As the first couple of weeks went by I became frustrated in myself as I could barely keep myself up on the pole let alone do anything on it, I felt I wasn’t picking up spins as fast as my friend was. As we came to the end of the first six weeks I felt a little deflated as I thought I would be doing much better than I was, despite this I managed to keep myself up the pole long enough for a quick picture to show the little progress I had made.

This is that picture……

Despite my frustrations, I kept pushing myself and gave it everything I had. I noticed I was picking up spins and tricks much quicker than I had been. Before I knew it Mari had me doing headstands and various poses before bringing out the big guns…..the inverted crucifix!!

Whilst upside down gripping the pole for dear life with both hands and legs all I kept thinking was that floors getting closer even though it wasn’t (I just had visions of me face planting it). Mari now saying to me let go as if it’s the most natural thing ever, (let go, ha yeah right) in that moment I fought against everything my body was telling me not to do and let go….

Omg I was doing it, I was doing the inverted crucifix!! Everyone at pole is so supportive and encouraging, to hear them clapping and saying well done (whilst being upside down) gives you a great sense of achievement. Just remember guys if you are feeling frustrated and think you will never get it trust me you will, this is coming from a girl who couldn’t climb the pole or even do push-ups :)

Everyone learns at different paces just persevere with it and you will progress. I’ll leave you with a selection of my achievements since starting pole, stay fabulous!