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Colour Obstacle Rush 2017

One of the things I love about my pole family is that we don’t just see each other at class, we often get together whether it’s for dinner, drinks or hitting the town. Back in January the Colour Obstacle Rush was mentioned and it became clear that many of us were up for the challenge (I mean what’s not to like about giant inflatables, foam and coloured paint, right?) That night Team Sugar Pole was registered and we were committed to the rush, (not going to lie I was massively excited for this XD)

And so, the day finally arrived…… glorious sunshine, the team kitted out in our printed tops (nod to Zembroidery), rainbow coloured flowers and rocking the shades we were ready to roll!! We made our way to the stage for our group warm up, then into the que for the first obstacle. We kept ourselves amused as we waited by doing some Sugar Pole body rolls in the line and soon enough we were up and off.

Sure enough we made it round the 5k course completing all 20 obstacles, 8 colour stations and 20 music zones along the way. Everyone was so encouraging toward each other, great team effort and so much laughter throughout the day. We finished the day off sat in the beautiful sun with some well-earned and much needed pub grub.

Love you guys…… you are all awesome!!! (sooooo what’s the next challenge?)